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UPDATED:  Wednesday, May 28th, 2008 * 12:16PM

Saturday, June 21st - Good Time Emporium - Somerville, MA
Abyss - The Iron Sheik - Black Machismo
Homicide - Chris Sabin - John Cena Sr.
Live Wrestling - VIP Question & Answer Session - FanFest
Ultimate Experience, VIP & General Admission Tickets Going Fast!

As we countdown to NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS June 21st, fans from all over New England are frothing at the lips at not only being able to see the superstars in person but to be able to meet them!  Below are a list of some commonly asked questions.


Q:  Why is Abyss' autograph and photo opportunity more than the other featured stars?
A:  Abyss' appearance fee and airfare is higher than the other superstars on hand that night.  Charging a nominal increase over the other athletes will hopefully cover our expenses at a small cost to you.

Q:  Why are General Admission tickets more expensive the night of the event?
A:  MWF events draw a wide variety of fans, from die hard wrestling fans to young kids.  In an effort to make our events affordable for everyone in this day and age, we extended a 20% discount and made General Admission tickets $16 if purchased prior to the event, $20 if you wait until June 21st to get them.  Throw in two free autographed photos, and you have yourself a great deal.  Most independent groups in the area charge $10-$15 with little to no superstar value whatsoever.

Q:  I bought tickets on-line but haven't received them in the mail yet.
A:  No tickets will be mailed.  As noted on the events page, all tickets will be at will-call the night of the event along with your free autographed photos.

Q:  Why should I purchase tickets in advance?
A:  At most events, fans are able to get their hands on some great, free gifts as our thanks to you (in this case, free autographed photos of Goldust and Alex Shelley!).  It also helps the MWF with event planning, as well as lining up talent for future events that we can announce that night. 

Q:  Can I purchase a ticket for the fanfest only?
A:  All tickets include admission to the autograph/photo fanfest and live wrestling event.  Only VIP ticket holders will be allowed admission to the Question & Answer session prior to the fanfest portion of the event.

Q:  What is an Ultimate Experience ticket?
A:  Ultimate Expreience tickets give the true wrestling collector the most bang for their buck.  UE Front Row ticket holders have are only inches away from the action, while standard UE tickets give fans the first choice at non-front row seats.  UE ticket holders can take part in the VIP exclusive Question & Answer session and get to line-up first for the autograph/photo fanfest.  They are able to get one autograph from and a posed photo with The Iron Sheik, Abyss, Black Machismo, Homicide and Chris Sabin, all before a night of great professional wrestling and at a huge savings if purchased seperately.

Q:  Will you have items for sale to get autographed or do I have to bring my own?
A:  Fans are welcome to bring items from their personal collections to get autographed.  Fans that don't have items but still want an autograph can purchase 8X10 color photos of the superstars for only $1 each.  Photos are not included in the autograph price.  We will also have items available for sale at the MWF Merchandise Stands.  You must have an autograph ticket for each item you want signed and present it/them to the staff member at each table - no exceptions!

Q: What if I have more than one item to be signed?
A:  Extra autograph/photo tickets for the superstars will be available at the door for $10 each upon admission. 

Q:  Why can't I get multiple autographs for free if I purchase one?
A:  Putting together events of this magnitude are extremely expensive to run.  The superstars are not appearing for free, and combined with the rising costs of airfare, hotel, venue rent, television and newspaper advertising, etc., we must continue to charge for each autograph in order to continue running events of this size.

Q:  Can I have my photo taken with the stars with my own camera?
A:  Aboslutely.

Q:  Why do I have to pay to have my photo taken with a wrestler if I use my own camera?
A:  Again, the superstars are not appearing for free.  We have created the Ultimate Experience ticket in an effort to give fans a chance to pose for photos with and get autographs from all the stars at a very reasonable price compared to what they would cost individually.