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Welcome To DanMirade.com - Introduction
Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

Welcome to DanMirade.com - the official (and, I'm sure, only) web-site of Dan Mirade - one I never thought would exist.  But in the day and age of the blogs and MySpace's of the world, I felt the need to join the 21st century and put something together.

This site will have a little bit of everything.  Classic Mirade tirade's on various subjects and people.  Thoughts and observations about both independent and major league wrestling.  Maybe even a few topics outside of the wrestling genre.  I often find the inkling to write about various subjects in my Inside The MWF column, but I try (and at times fail) to keep that strictly MWF.  This medium will allow me to babble on about everything and anything.

I've spent more than half my life working in professional wrestling in some form.  Thanks to three men named The Jackal, Pat Doyle and the late "Boston Bad Boy" Tony Rumble, my childhood dream of working in the wrestling business became a reality.  Pat and The Jackal hosted a wrestling talk show on the new community television station where I lived, and I became a huge fan.  They had inside scoops on what was happening with WWF and WCW before it appeared on TV, I couldn't get enough of it.  Once they announced they were going to have a live studio audience for one of their programs, I wanted to be there.  Shortly after I became a regular in the crowd, I took an interest in the television production aspect of what they did and soon joined the TV station.

In the summer of 1993, Tony Rumble was putting together his first full fledged Century Wrestling Alliance event in Wakefield, MA.  Being friends with The Jackal, he came down to the studio to promote the event on the show.  He was so impressed with the set-up at the studio that he asked if we would tape the event.  October 23rd, 1993, it all became a reality.  I went from being a freshman in high school to being a part of a secret world that I wanted to learn everything about.  Everyone thinks they "know" how the wrestling business operates, but it's very different when you're in the locker room.  The Iron Sheik headlined the event (if I only knew what was to come years later), along with Tony Atlas and a young Tommy Dreamer and Tazz.  As time went on, Tony saw I had an aptitude for wrestling and I shifted from TV production related tasks to work involved with the events.  I rang the bell, cued refs, put music lists together, all sorts of different things.  While most kids my age got their rocks off at Friday night high school football games and drinking in the woods, I was traveling all around the northeast and involved in wrestling.

I wound up working for Tony until shortly before he died in 1999.  A higher power gave me a wonderful gift when I walked into an opportunity to do some work with WWF in 2000-2001, which was the greatest learning experience one could ask for.  In January 2001, we laid down the ground work for what is the Millennium Wrestling Federation, promoting our first event September 28th, 2001.  What a ride it's been, a never ending roller coaster with some awesome highs and low lows.  It's amazing that the MWF has been in existence for six years. . .sometimes it feels like it's only been six weeks. . .other times, six decades. 

This site opens up as we're getting ready for our sixth anniversary extravaganza, and present day, it feels like momentum is really starting to build.  Our two monthly television programs feature quality action and in-depth interviews with some of the industry's biggest players.  In 2007 alone, in addition to our regular MWF work, we were involved with promoting the Wrestling's Living Legends fanfest WrestleMania morning in Windsor, Ontario (which reunited Ax and Smash Demolition for the first time in over sixteen years), coordinated the two Boston premieres of WWE and Lionsgate's film "The Condemned" with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, pitched in on TNA's New England four show swing, had Jackson Blue of KISS 108FM (host of Boston's highest rated evening program) join our team, along with producing some action packed live events that fans supported and helped out great causes. 

Outside of wrestling, I've been with a wonderful female for almost five years, and take care of her son and another little guy in my life as if they were my own kids.  They're a great distraction and reality check from the world of pro wrestling, that's for sure.  I'm the survivor of two accidents that have left me partially disabled.  The first was falling off of a broken scaffold ladder when working as a warehouse manager.  The second was the far more famous of the two, being blown up by a drunk driver with Dr. Von Johnson and The Iron Sheik in what turned into 24 hours from hell.  A good chunk of my time has been spent in an intensive physical therapy / pain management program.  Living with chronic pain and a flea market quality body in my mid-20's hasn't been easy, but it sure has been an education in life.  If anything, it left me a stronger person. . .

That's enough of that, the rest of the "hot topics" I've seen on MySpace (favorite flavor of ice cream, if I like thunderstorms, etc.) will have to be revealed in the future.  Kayfabe has to exist somewhere. . .

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