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Hogan's:  Feedback (And My Responses) To Graziano Column
Saturday, June 7th, 2008

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Greetings.  I was shocked at the response our column last week on the Hogan's and John Graziano received.  Tonight alone, I came home from the movies to find 40 emails waiting for me.  I figured I'd share some of them with you, and include my responses to some. . .interesting stuff.

* * * * *

I have never been compelled to write a letter to someone whom I have never met before.  However your article "Sympathy for Nick" sums up all the anger and frustration all the sensible people in America are feeling right now watching this horror story continue to unfold.  It is refreshing to see someone with your level of integrity write such a brutally honest piece.  Thank you for reiterating the thoughts we all are thinking and getting the word out there to the public.  This veteran went to Iraq and came back with honor; NEVER let this family of criminals try to tarnish that.

Joseph R.

DM:  I think your email summed it up even better.

* * * * *

Hi there Dan, I agree with you, but you left out an important detail, John should have worn that seat belt... I mean I don't think he didn't know Nick's nasty street racing habits, he should have used the belt..although looking at the picture of the crashed supra I doubt John's would have walked out unarmed even wearing the seat belt...  and yea, this little spoiled hogan brat is shitting himself in the pants to see how his perfect world is crumbling apart, he does deserve to be punished, I can't believe how he would expect to get away with it when he has a record and tickets for speeding... maybe this all this thought him a lesson, but I doubt it, the moment he gets out of jail he will be the same spoiled punk he's ever been, about the calls, well just to comment that he has been accused of being such a big hypocrite, everyone will say nice things on court just to get out or to get less punishment even when you don't feel it.. that's common sense.. but yea idiots.. they are public figures and should have taken care of everything they said for their good.. anyway.. cya later I'll keep checking your site..


DM:  it will be interesting to see if Nick's perception of reality changes once he gets out of jail.  Time away from the mansions could do him some good. . .

* * * * *

Dear Mr. Mirade,
I'm a wrestling fan but have never heard of you before.  I read your articles about Hulk Hogan and was kind of shocked by what you had to say.

Could you please explain why you hate Hogan so much? 

Please don't take this as a sign of disrespect, I'm just curious where this is coming from.  I've really never heard of you before and I was just wondering if you were a former wrestler, owned a wrestling organization, and where you developed your opinions of Hogan.

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful afternoon.

DM:  my opinions of Terry Bollea are well educated.  It would take a seperate column to express these thoughts, and considering the interest in others written, maybe that's not a bad idea.  Hulk Hogan is a wrestling character, no different than Spiderman or Super Man.  He inspired millions of fans worldwide.  The human is different than the character, and as noted, not everything about the man is bad.  He's done a tremendous amount of work for sick children over the years.  But, the sleaze that many in the wrestling world has come to know over the years has been exposed, big time, to the general public.

* * * * *

the pictures were indeed disturbing.  as much as the leaked phone discussions and the family's ten ton comments about john and his mother.
dispite all of this, all i kept thinking (and continue to think) is, would he have been able to walk away like nick if he wore his seat belt?
it's a terrible thing that's happened, and not surprising at all when you think of all the times those boys were racing (according to the passenger of the other vehicle, they did this ALOT), but in a sad way the injuries were self-inflicted.  he was a marine, don't tell me they don't drum into you the necessity of your equipment.  he went to iraq, did he forget his vest, helmet, gun, and the countless rest of his tour equipment?  likely, no.  he was a member of nick's pit crew, do you think they neglected security during one of his races?  likely, no.  so why ignore one of the most basic yet important security measures in every day use? 'click it or ticket'?  they should put this picture instead of the simple illustration used on billboards and placards along the road.
please don't think that i'm a hogan fan.  i'm not.  when i was a kid, during the 80s wwf heyday, surrounded by all my male cousins who were all totally into wrestling and therefore hogged the tv, i hated hogan.  i hated that he was shoved down my throat, i knew that he wasn't natural, and would invariably cheer all the wrestlers who feuded with him.  i never bought into his reality show (and was astonished to see it do as well as it did) and wasnt at all surprised to learn he was fooling around with his daughter's 18 year old friend. 
it's just that, while they wouldn't have been hurt at all if they hadn't been racing, what would the extent of his injuries have been had he wore his seat belt? 
just my $0.02.


DM:  your two cents would increase in value if placed on the stock market.  No doubt John should have has his seatbelt on, as many have noted.  "Click It Or Ticket" is a cute slogan, but it's just that, a slogan.  Here in Massachusettts, I've seen a new billboard campaign with a thought provoking photo of someone injured in a car crash that I believe is far more effective than something created for a bumper sticker and radio ads.

* * * * *

Dear Sir,

I couldnt agree more with everything that you said on this page. I was appalled when I heard the tapes of the conversations that Nick had with both his parents and then when I saw the picture of how Mr. Graziano looks now it magnified my anger even more. The thought of them trying to make a dime off of this when that snot-nosed punk gets out of jail only goes to show what assholes the whole family is. Linda says "John wouldn't want Nick in jail". Well I am sure that if he were able to answer he would also say that he didnt want his forehead to look like the human ashtray either. Then he begs daddy to get him house arrest. Anyone else would have gotten a hell of a lot more than 8 months. Linda, Hulk and Nick....GO TO HELL!!!!!!!!


DM:  Florida is known to be tough on crime, but at the same time, Nick's still a minor.  The one thing I can say about Linda is that, even though she's been played up as a slut in the media of late, she seems to have a lot more sincere emotion than Hulk and Junior.  Like any mother, she'll always see the best in her son and look past the negative.  At the same time, even with all of Hulk's cash, you can't buy common sense at a shopping mall.

* * * * *

I have some questions. ? ? ?
Was the night of the accident the first time John had ridden with Nick in a fast car?  
Was John unaware that they were going to exceed the speed limit. 
Was it always John's attitude to travel without using the safety appliances available to him?  OR just this once?
Was it the first time they had driven fast (or reckless) on the streets?  
It is a terrible and horrorific result to a terrible night.
When people get into my vehicles we don't move until the seat belts are all fastened. 
Because I insist my passengers fasten their seatbelts.
Because I have seen the results of crashes at minimal speeds resulting in extreme injuries to those not wearing their seatbelts.  Ttis includes a Navy Plebe flying out the back glass after a 35 mph crash.  He was DOA at the scene.  All of the other people were buckled in and were able to continue their day after the medivac left.
Will seatbelts always prevent injury? NO! But seatbelts are a proven injury reduction device and prevent you from leaving the accident scene before everything comes to rest.
While Nick has pleaded guilty as responsible for the crash, it should be noted that John's extreme injuries are the result of John's failure to secure himself with the safety restraints available.  Review of the police investigative report will show  that many things could have given a better result to John's situation.
May GOD Bless John and his family.

DM:  you seem to be a responsible driver.  Should Graziano have worn his seat belt?  Sure.  Make no mistake about it, this was an accident.  Nick didn't wake up last August and say "geez, let me crash up dad's car and leave a hole in my best friends head the size of a baseball."  The negative response the general public has given the Hogan family is based on their reaction to the accident, not the accident itself.  Even at 18 years of age, I couldn't imagine living with myself, knowing I turned my best friend into what the picture in my previous column showed.  I wouldn't be at the hosptial throwing darts or riding a skateboard.  I wouldn't be placing "secret" calls to the media so the local news would catch me going into the hospital with balloons.  Nick needs a severe dose of humble pie, and Daddy dearest isn't helping the cause, to say the least.

* * * * *


It's apparent to me that you have a "problem" with Hulk Hogan, that  has been stewing long before this incident. I find your story to be unfair and unbalanced. Also, I hope you realize that Nick Hogan is just a kid, he is hardly 18, and he doesn't deserve to be "kicked in the nuts" by writers like you. He may have posted that statement on a messageboard, but his parents may have told him that was the case with John G. It's unfortunate that this has happened and I'm not  dismissing the seriousness of this situation, but I think the kid has  had enough. Enough punishment for Nick Hogan. He is a young boy that  has certainly learned a valuable lesson. He doesn't need folks like  you adding extra topping to his two scoops of tragedy!

I don't want come across as to aggressive towards you, but I couldn't  hold back any longer. I have enjoyed other stories you have done, but  this time you have gone too far. - Miles

DM:  I indeed have a problem with Terry Bollea, and it goes back to incidents dating back to the mid-1980's.  Does Nick deserve a kick in the nuts even though he's not 18??  Yeah, I think he does.  The "valuable lesson" in question hasn't been learned yet when he's in jail plotting about how to make money off of the accident and how to get "sympathy" out of a judge at secret hearings.  If he appeared to be truly sorry for what happened, my feelings of disgust would have been directed more towards Hulk.  He had him drop out of high school to be a "TV star."  He instilled the attitude that he's above the law because he's a Hogan.  If a little Mirade did that to their best friend, I would be just as disgusted with them if they didn't have a deep, sincere regret and remorse over what happened.

* * * * *


DM:  ouch.  I'm glad you didn't watch tapes of any of Hogan's matches against Roddy Piper from WCW or you'd really have a reason to be angry.

* * * * *


You wrote a very well-written piece.  We all make mistakes, but we need to accept responsibility for them.  God Bless John, he needs our prayers.  I was shocked to see the photos.


DM:  well said.  If the Hogan's accepted responsibility, I don't think the public would dislike them so much righ now.

* * * * *

Good stuff all around, even those that didn't agree with me made some valid points.  Sometime this weekend, I'll post a column that explains what my issues are with the Hulkster himself. . .

So what do YOU think??

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