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Nick Bollea:  No Hogan "Comeback" This Time
Friday, May 9th, 2008

Nick Bollea received eight months in jail and five months probation as part of his sentence today in Pinellas County Court (how I wish I was down at casa de Mirade in FL to watch this unfold) for the accident that all but ended the life of his close friend John Graziano. 

Things keep getting worse for the Hogan clan.  Today in court, Hulk finally admitted that his "reality" show on VH-1 was indeed a work.  I can't tell you how many people I've argued with over that one. . .how could ANYONE with a functioning brain think that nonsense was real??  Hulk also stated that the "truth" will come out.  What's that Hulk??  That those are hair extensions??  That in your mid-50's you're taking a little bit more than Vitmain C to keep those 24 inch pythons running wild??  HGH really stands for Hogan Growth Hormone??  Nonetheless. . .

Mr. Graziano also stated that Nick was bored visiting his good friend John. . .since John can't speak or get out of bed, Nick spent some time skateboarding around the hotel and playing darts.  Graziano's sister also stated that Nick's license plate COEHSP stands for "Capable of Eluding High Speed Pursuit."  Commissioner Von Johnson and Harley Race would be proud. . .

I found Graziano's brothers comments leaving court very interesting.  A REAL American hero that served our country in Iraq, not one that shot steroids up his ass, is suffering a fate worse than death. . .unable to move, unable to communicate.  Hopefully he's out of it, and not aware of his surroundings, struggling to snap out of it. . .

Perhaps this wouldn't have happened if Father of the Year didn't let his son drop out of high school to let him work himself into thinking he was a "star," earning a life of entitlement, instead of robbing him out of his childhood.  Whatcha gonna do??

PS - who was going to take anything Hogan had to say seriously when he wore that foolish bandana into court??  How many court hearings have you ever seen with some imbecile wearing a bandana??

So what do YOU think??

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