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Alive & Well (I Think) - Thoughts On MWF's NH Debut
Saturday, April 12th, 2008

Fans of some independent wrestling message boards will be sad to learn that ol' Mirade is alive and well.  It's been an extremely busy couple of months, as you can probably guess by the lack of updates.  I jot down column ideas from time to time but just haven't had enough time to post them. 

March certainly turned into an interesting month for the Millennium Wrestling Federation.  We had planned a huge double-shot weekend March 28th and 29th.  Our NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS event March 29th wound up getting postponed until June 21st due to TNA pulling three stars from the event as they changed their TV taping schedule for the week.  That was a tough pill to swallow, let me tell you.  But at the end of the day, professional wrestling is a business, and TNA did what they felt was in the best interest of their company.  We didn't like it but nothing malicious took place.   On a positive note, our fans accepted it and President Cena made the event even bigger by adding The Iron Sheik to the card.  More on our now double-shot weekend to come.

A lot of drama behind the scenes took place prior to (and the day of) LIVE FREE OR DIE in Nashua, NH March 28th.  Another area organization believed the event to be theirs.  The Nashua Elks Lodge felt like they'd get a better deal and event with the MWF and reached out to us. . .what went on from there, I'll save that for my book.  An unfortunate situation with a lot of stress and hurt feelings.  It's too bad certain things happened the way they did, but I don't think anyone in the MWF has a problem looking at themselves in the mirror as far as to how everything went down. 

The event itself was extremely solid for an independent card.  Nice mix of brawling and technical wrestling, even one match with a little comedy for the kids.  Rich Palladino was down in Orlando for the HOF and missed the event, so yours truly was the host of the Q&A and ring announcer for the night.  It gave me a chance to look at things from a totally different perspective, which isn't a bad thing.  I really liked what I saw, as did the fans and the lodge, so it was win-win for everyone.  I like how the MWF's roster continues to evolve, and I expect much more of that as the year goes on with President Cena's Call To Action Campaign.

The crowd could be labeled "healthy" for 2008. . .I still compare everything to the days of Tony Rumble, which friends tell me is part of the reason why I get so frustrated and disgusted with present day indy wrestling.  I understand where they're coming from, but the fact of the matter is, this area has been whored out beyond belief, where any clown can claim they're "in the business," and it has really ruined it for the true professionals who paid their dues and did things the right way (and a big reason why most of them are headed for the hills, not wanting anything to do with the mess that exists today).  Well, enough of that rant.

We had some great new support staff take part in their first MWF event, led by Dave "Don't Call Me Zack 'Hee Hee'" Carter, Steve Now & Laters and others.  The ring crew was top notch and a giant help to the cause.  That makes the event go a lot smoother, let me tell you. . .

It was Abyss' first appearance with the MWF and he was a total professional.  I look forward to his return in June and beyond.  You never know what you're going to get when dealing with a monster, but it worked out well. . .other than his flight being delayed for three hours. . .but then again, what MWF goes off without a hitch??

I can't say enough about the elks lodge itself.  The staff there were tremendous, good hearted people who wanted to present a great night in their venue.  They were great to the fans and our athletes, and we look forward to what will hopefully be a long term relationship benefit to both sides. . .

The after event??  More stories for the book. . .

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