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WWE 24/7:  Get It
Monday, January 14th, 2008

As the Boston area gets hammered with another snow storm this season (what is it with Sunday night snow storms this year?), I'm here at Mirade central enjoying some WWE 24/7.  If you don't already subscribe to this service and are a fan of professional wrestling before the term "sports entertainment" was shoved down your throat, cough up the $8 per month, you won't be sorry you did.

In the Millennium Wrestling Federation, we promote a lot of WWE products. . .at the same time, I voice my opinions pretty clearly, both good and bad, when I do TV show reviews on this site.  This isn't an ass kissing piece, but one that will hopefully encourage new fans to check it out.

I started getting 24/7 last month, so I'm still kind of new to it.  What I've seen over the past few weeks is tremendous, a mix of everything. . .

There's a monthly feature on a WWE Hall of Famer, along with a few matches of that wrestler.  This month, it's Chief Jay Strongbow.  I don't think I've ever seen Strongbow wrestle outside of some Coliseum Video rentals in the late 80's when I was in elementary school, so I'm interested in seeing it. 

There's a variety of television programs available.  The first Prime Time Wrestling. . .I never knew that Jack Reynolds was the original host of the program. . .by the time I became a fan, it was Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan.  The first TNT is available (a WWF talk show type program, hosted by Vince McMahon with Lord Alfred Hayes as his sidekick).  There's an ECW TV show, an NWA Saturday night show from 1986, a great World Class show from 1983.  The classic "Black Saturday" show is available on-demand (the name given the first WWF program that replaced Georgia Championship Wrestling on TBS in 1984). 

24/7 offers an events section as well.  Fairly recent PPV's are offered.  No Mercy from October just finished airing and I believe Cyber Sunday starts soon.  As I type this, WCW Bash at the Beach 1994 is on my television set.
Even during the Tony Rumble era, Sunday night was TV studio night, so I missed many PPV's.  I have this one on a VHS tape somewhere but am recording it on DVD-R for better quality.  This show is remembered as Hogan's WCW debut against Ric Flair, but there were some really strong matches with Vader vs Guardian Angel (Big Boss Man), with Vader and Harley Race bumping around like they're in the X-Division. . .Ricky Steamboat vs Steve Austin. . .Johnny B. Badd vs Lord Steven (now William) Regal. . .Arn Anderson & Dustin Rhodes vs Terry Funk & Bunkhouse Buck. . .a lot of strong wrestling.  If you remember  the tail end of 1994 and 1995 in WCW, you'll remember there wasn't much of that as the Hogan regime took over.  I got a big kick out of Jesse Ventura not wanting to be there as Bobby Heenan's replacement for a couple of matches and not even wanting to mention the name Hulk Hogan. 

There's a fourth section called "Shorties," where short segments are available.  This month, there are matches of WWE superstars Raw debuts. . .I haven't watched them yet but scanned the list.  There's Triple H's six minute squash match debut from 1996 available. . .Undertaker in 1993. . .the Hardy Boys back in 1997. . .there's a good ten matches or so available.

All of that for eight months.  New content is added just about every Tuesday, and I think this is the perfect product for fans that really miss the proverbial good old days (even if they weren't that good sometimes). 

I'd be interested in hearing from fans that already have WWE 24/7 to see what you think of it. . .

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