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ECW:  Done, Baby, Done??
Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

The baseball playoffs, prep work for MWF HALLOWEEN HORROR next Saturday along with my chronic pain issues have prevented me from putting up regular television reviews.  I'm hoping to catch up on last week's TNA Impact tonight, as I'm very itnerested in taking a serious look at their programming.

Today I'm hearing that ECW on Sci-Fi could be "done, baby, done" as Commissioner Von Johnson would say, by the end of 2007.  All you have to do is read my reviews and you'll realize that I'm not a huge fan of the program and often times find it very boring due to the thin roster that isn't exactly filled with overwhelming talent.

At the same time, it would be a loss for the business.  WWE appears to be testing the waters to make it an internet-only show, but how successful is that going to be??  I've never heard of Heat doing big numbers.  If ECW is canceled, you know it's going to lead to more layoffs, which is never a good thing.  Will having Smackdown stars appearing on the show help??  I don't know, Smackdown is difficult to sit through at times, too. 

In my opinion, WWE has missed the boat with ECW.  I've enjoyed most of Paul Heyman's creativity over the years, but those that said that ECW couldn't succeed without him were off base.  Plenty of wrestling promotions have survived without Paul Heyman booking them.  Perhaps ECW lost it's heart and soul when he was removed from creative late last year, but what would he have had to work with?? 

I love the wrestling business and want to see every promotion thrive.  WWE wanted to "create it's own competition" back in 2002 when they started the brand extension.  It hasn't exactly gone according to plan.  I believe that all three brands would be stronger if they split up the booking/writing/whatever teams and made them seperate entities.  Give each show a budget for talent and let them compete for the wrestlers when their contracts are up.  Five years later, all three shows are cookie cutter copies of each other, some just have better talent than others.

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