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OT:  MLB Playoffs
Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

This is going to be as much of a wrestling free week as humanly possible.  I'm here in the sunshine state, no Linda Mirade, no kids, just some rest & relaxation before things kick into high gear for our MWF HALLOWEEN HORROR and HOLIDAY HEADLOCKS events (which are both shaping up to be great).  It's a beautiful thing. . .two people know how to reach me here and the cell phone has been off most of the time.  It will be nice to watch the beginning of the MLB playoffs without the phone going off every three minutes like it is at home. . .everyday. . .and every night.

So if you're a baseball fan, what do you think??  Over on the AL side, I thought the Red Sox were the team with the least amount of momentum headed into the post season, but clinching the AL East seemed to bring them to life again.  I think they benefit by playing the Angels in the first round.  The NY Yankees really overcame the odds to make it to the playoffs, I just don't see them going far again this year.  No, it's not because it's the Yankees and I was born to hate them.  There's just too much "WCW" in the Yankees. . .WCW overpaid older stars that failed to deliver on PPV. . .the Yankees overpay older stars that really haven't delivered in the post season since they won the World Series in 2000.  The Indians seem to be the freshest (youngest) team in the AL, and I am worried for the Red Sox if they and Cleveland are both victorious in the opening round. . .

In the NL, who do you root for??  The Rockies and Phillies killed themselves to earn the right to play in October.  I believe Colorado has won 14 of their last 15 games, which is amazing.  The Mets had a lead of seven games over the Phillies with seventeen to play.  Even though the Mets choked the big one, Phildalphia still had to win.  I guess the big questions is how worn down is each team right now??  In the other match-up, it's the Cubs and the Diamondbacks.  I have to root for the Cubs, as I would love to see the Red Sox-Cubs World Series I was hoping for back in 2003, and I was a fan of Andre Dawson, Ryne Sandberg and Mark Grace when I first became interested in baseball in the late 1980's.  Can't hate too much on the D-Backs, as they killed the Yankees back in 2001.

Four interesting first round match-ups. . .

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