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Steve Heff Passes Away
Friday, September 21st, 2007

I was sad to learn that Steve Heff (Steve Ashworth) passed away on Wednesday night at just 34 years of age in Salem, MA.  Heff was what you might call an "MWF original," as he was with us from the beginning in 2001 until August 2005.  I knew Heff dating back to 1993 when I first entered the world of professional wrestling, and he began working as a heel manager for Tony Rumble's Century Wrestling Alliance from 1994-1996.  Over the years, he worked with a long list of superstars, including Kamala, D-Lo Brown, Little Guido, Chris Chetti, Christopher Nowinski, Ox Baker's Executioner, The Outpatient and many others.  He was a great help to us in our early days, in terms of helping with publicity, security guards and a hundred other small things that need to be done to help a live event come off well. 

Heff and I weren't all that close since we let him go a couple of summers ago.  I had a chance to catch up with him at the Rumble Memorial last November that the Jackal and myself tried to salvage, and spoke via email from time to time.  I hope the issues that perhaps held him back in wrestling didn't have anything to do with his untimely death. 

Wrestling does some odd things to people you're friends with at times.  I knew him for fourteen years and was in his car for many rides to and from events as he enjoyed "the entertainment."  Why is it that when something goes down on the wrestling side of things that it carries over into real life?? I don't think anyone regrets the decision we made in August 2005 for a second. . .but once there are differences in the world of wrestling, it almost makes it impossible to deal with people in non-wrestling related ways.  Despite his situation with the MWF, I never really disliked him as a person, yet it was if he was non-existent for the last two years of his life.  The last time I heard from him, it was a rather angry email about why Road Dogg and Iron Sheik were coming back to the MWF and not him.  From a business standpoint, there are no regrets for a variety of reasons he created. . .from a personal standpoint, there's some level of guilt, as professional wrestling and the MWF meant a lot to him. . .

Another thing that really annoys me with this and any wrestling death is when zeros try to leach onto it.  There's an indy group around here that never even booked Heff talking about how they're grieving for the family, giving out info on the wake, posting (MWF) pictures, etc.  If you were such great friends, why didn't you ever give the man a shot??  Why post all of this info on their bootleg attempt at having an MWF web-site??  Now, they're all his best friend, all speak of him in the highest regards, even if real life was anything but.  Please.  A prime example of people that don't get it. . .

Thanks for the years of friendship and support. . .

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