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Chris Benoit:  Severe Brain Injury Detected & A Look At PCS
Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

This morning, Chris Benoit's father Michael held a press conference where doctors affiliated with the Waltham, MA based Sports Legacy institute concluded that the severe brain damage found in Benoit's brain could, at the very least, help explain why he murdered his wife Nancy and son Daniel.  Former WWE superstar Christopher Nowinski was vocal from the outset of the media coverage of the tragedy that medical officials should be looking at his brain for concussions when the autopsy was being performed. The abnormal amount of protein deposits were apparently caused by the trauma to Benoit's brain.

So what does it all mean??  Like Nowinski, I have suffered from post concussion syndrome since an accident I was in three and a half years ago, and it has a horrible effect on you that can't be cured by medicine.  I've never gone around thinking about murdering people, but it can change your personality at times.  There are twenty seven known symptoms. . .going through the list, I have suffered from nineteen of them at some point since the accident I was in, several of which effect me present day.  There isn't a pill you can take to make it go away. . .it either gets better over time or it stays with you.

What will the media have to say about it??  ABC News apparently ran a piece about it tonight but I was not home to see it.  In between innings during tonight's Red Sox game, I was looking to see if any of the cable news shows that had their "experts" claiming that it "had" to be steroids didn't have any coverage of it.  Nancy Disgrace's program had a graphic with the headline of FATHER LEAVES BABY IN HOT CAR AT BROTHEL.  I guess post concussion syndrome isn't a sexy enough topic compared to steroids in sports.  That groveler looking attorney Susan Moss that kept calling Johnny Grunge "The Grunge" was on, hollering screaming about the brothel in a way that looked like she was part of a Saturday Night Live skit.  Please

The "experts" that go on and on about wrestling being "fake" annoys me.  Matches might be predetermined, moves might be executed in a way where opponents don't kill each other, but folks, these athletes bodies go through as much physical punishment (if not more) as any major league athlete.  Not everyone uses steroids just to look good, but to actually recover from injuries they don't have time to recuperate from due to the schedule.  Post concussion syndrome can make you do some crazy things (look at some of the horror stories some former NFL players have gone through as a result), and it could be as much of a reason - if not more of a contributing factor - as steroids in what happened at the Benoit home.  Imagine if steroids played no part in what happened and it was an issue with his brain that caused him to go insane.  In the years to come and more locker room stories come out, most will be shocked at how high the percentage of steroid and HGH users in both professional sports as well as Hollywood.  It's a fact that steroids have nasty side effects, 99.9999% of users won't kill their family.  It's an easy and, perhaps, inaccurate answer to a very complicated tragedy that none of us will ever be able to completely explain.

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