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Friday, August 31st, 2007

Smackdown opens with Teddy Long, Great Khali and the writer who "wrote" himself into the show as Khali's manager/translator in the ring.  The way WWE shoots Khali camera-wise is very effective in getting him over.  Imagine if they did that with Big Show, who could actually be solid in the ring when he had his working shoes on. 

Teddy Long addresses Khali by calling him "Playa. . ."  I wonder how many times Khali has been called "playa" in his life.  Another Smackdown tournament to crown the number one contender.  They have a lot of tournaments on this event.

Finlay and Kane to advance in this four man tournament.  JBL is the best color commentator in the business when it comes to getting wrestling-related items over (i.e. the importance and feeling of winning a world championship). 

Highlights of the Deuce and Domino sneak attacking Matt Hardy and MVP while playing basketball last week.  Where the hell did the basketball come from??  Well, at least it's an angle that's building to something. . .

Did Deuce and Domino come out of 1995 WWF??  Talk about nobody cares!  Please.  One of the worst gimmicks they've had in awhile.  Can you imagine these two guys trying to get indy bookings down the line??  "Come and see former WWE Tag Team Champion Domino in action."  Not in the MWF.  MVP is developing as a heel, and tope heels are something WWE is desperate for right now.  New tag champs.  I like the dynamic.  D&D need to head back to OVW or FCW.

Vince greets Batista and is impressed by his physique.  I wonder if they taped this tonight if he'd be saying the same thing. . .

Teddy Long and Kristall get married September 21st.  Michael Cole, in one of his phoniest, most unbelievable voices ever, states with a chuckle that he's already picked out his wedding gift.

Mark Henry interrupts Eugene shooting t-shirts into the crowd.  I like the mean, kick ass Mark Henry.  I thought Daviri was a good manager for him.  He needs someone with him as there's still something missing.  Can you believe he made his WWF debut in September of 1996??  As Henry cuts a promo, we have another cool Undertaker returns promo.  Watch his return at Unforgiven draw a number. 

Does the Smackdown theme song make you want to take a nap??

Batista vs Rey Mysterio in another tournament match.  This should have taken place on PPV at some point, I believe that this is their first meeting.  Why waste it on FREE TV when it's a match fans would PAY to see.  Good to see Rey back, he's a good gimmick for kids, Dr. Astin or no Dr. Astin.  I liked the two of them together when they were a tag team in 2005 before Batista went down to injury.

"What's suspended diva Ashley been up to?"  I wonder if they're going to have a rundown of their other suspended superstars next week. . .

Lots of McMahons coming to Raw.  Ugh.  I wonder if Linda passed the wellness test.  As a side note, I might be one of the few that enjoys Linda McMahon.  She's effective (except when she tried to be a heel and squealed "you're fired" at Jim Ross).  I presented an idea to a high ranking WWF official in 2002 when the NWO came in that to heat them up they should have had them spray pain "NWO" on Linda, since at that point, she had never had any physical action whatsoever.  Instead, NWO debuted by having three guys in their mid-40's that could barely walk try to run away from Steve Austin in some of the worst backstage skits in the history of wrestling. 

Anyway, Coach has a variety of Vince's former pigs come out to find out who his love child is.  Didn't this not get over at all on Raw??  Look at the three women Vince banged on New Year's Eve in 1977. . .how old were they, four??  This has Mankind/Rock "This Is Your Life" all over it, only it won't do a third of the rating that segment did.

The Chris Masters-Chuck Palumbo Masterlock Challenge.  If WWE ever puts this on PPV, they'll be "unforgiven."  I like the idea of different types of segments in the ring, just not big on the talent they're utilizing.

While this foolishness is going on, there's a news blurb (in Boston) on the bottom of the screen saying New England Patriot Rodney Harrison has been suspended for Human Growth Hormone.  My educated guess says he's involved with the Signature Pharmacy nightmare that's led to many suspensions in WWE.  It's nice to see some other sports share "the spotlight" on this one. 

An ad for "The Condemned," starring "Stone Cold" Steve Austin coming to DVD September 18th.  Maybe I'm biased since the MWF put together the two Boston premiere's (including an appearance by Steve at the first one) with WWE and Lionsgate, but I thought it was an excellent action adventure movie.  I'm not too big of an action movie fan, so I really enjoyed it. . .

The Mirade phone lines blow up over the steroid scandal. . .

Jamie Noble and Shannon Moore are having a conversation about Hornswoggle.  Is this really a feud??  I miss Smackdown a lot, as you might be able to tell.  There's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (pun intended), as WWE is going to revamp the cruiserweight division and championship.  So, there's a reason behind turning it into a complete embarassment.

Rey and Finlay in the main event.  I didn't realize that the tournament finals were tonight.  This could be good, I don't ever remember these two competing against each other.  Good match, interesting to see Mysterio work Khali at Unforgiven.  Hopefully fans have erased the non-title match they had on Smackdown last year when Mysterio got squashed by Khali in a  when Rey was champ. . .

Overall, not a bad show.  Got over some matches and angles for Unforgiven, which is the most important thing they can do for business.  Neither Rey, Khali, Undertaker or Henry were involved in the steroid suspensions, so things look good on the Smackdown side for the PPV. . .

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