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WWE:  Ten Wrestlers Suspended, More Named In Investigation
Thursday, August 30th, 2007

Today, World Wrestling Entertainment suspended ten wrestlers for purchasing from doctors over the internet, which is in violation of WWE's Wellness Policy.  There has been an on-going investigation by Albany, NY's DA office into the company Signature Pharmacy.  WWE's attorney Jerry McDevitt tonight on Fox News' "On The Record" stated that two more athletes could be suspended as soon as tomorrow once they are interviewed.  McDevitt also stated that athletes from Major League Baseball and the National Football Association are involved in the matter, it will be very interesting to see how MLB and the NFL reacts to the information they're being provided.  I don't know how they can sweep it under the rug, that's for sure, even though there's been a lot of "kayfabe" from the two sports in the past.  The following have been named by Sports Illustrated as those that participated in the illegal on-line drug company.  That is not to say they are those that are being suspended by WWE.

Three wrestlers that are dead purchased drugs from this company.  They are Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero and Crush (Brian Adams, who I believe was training for boxing).  It's safe to say that they will not be suspended.

One wrestler that has been fired by WWE purchased four different drugs from this company.  That is Sylvan Grenier, who was released by WWE a few weeks ago from what I'm told is not related to this situation.

One WWE official was part of the investigation, that being Mike Bucci (a.k.a. Simon Dean), now in charge of developmental. 

Two WWE wrestlers that are injured and out of action are accused of purchasing these drugs.  They are Edge and Shane Helms.

The following twelve WWE wrestlers are on the active roster and purchased a wide variety of drugs from this company.  They are Chavo Guerrero, Randy Orton, John Morrison, Mr. Kennedy, Sho Funaki, Charlie Haas, Umaga, William Regal, King Booker, Santino Marella, Chris Masters and Batista. 

This investigation shows how wide spread illegal drug use is.  Many of the names on this list aren't those that you'd suspect to be included, while others are the usual suspects. 

WWE made the right call here, but who knows what would have happened if the Benoit tragedy didn't take place and the business wasn't in the spotlight right now??  As mentioned, WWE already knew of some of these names from a Sports Illustrated report months ago, and no action was taken.  If MLB and NFL acts, there could be an explosion of steroid stories popping up for a long time. . .should be very interesting. . .

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