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TNA:  Any Money In This "Angle?"
Thursday, August 16th, 2007

The August 16th edition of TNA Impact on Spike TV highlighted everything that's good and bad in the promotion in sixty minutes.  The show opened with the announcement of the Kurt Angle Awards, as Kurt was pleased with his "swerving" of Samoa Joe at last Sunday's Hard Justice pay-per-view.  More promos with Angle's wife and Kevin Nash took place during the entire broadcast.  To paraphrase from Angle's WWE ring introductions, "it sucked."  Stupid, campy "sports entertainment"' type nonsense that is never going to sell a ticket or PPV buy.  The in ring ceremony was just as bad, as I almost had a stroke when Angle actually said the words "sports entertainment."  It's bad enough that WWE has to push that stupid, ridiculous term on their three weekly programs, but this is the first time I recall hearing it on TNA.  Hopefully the last.  The angle (no pun intended) was set up for their No Surrender PPV where Angle would defend all three of his championships in three different matches.  Well, they figured out a way to get Pac Man Jones in there.    To me, this would be better served over the course of a two hour edition of Impact (which they may have this fall) as it doesn't smell like PPV business.  On a side note, Karen Angle was better on the mic than 95% of the "diva's" over the past five years and looked damn good in that dress. . .

Take away that fifteen minutes or so worth of garbage and you had a good show.  Black Machismo (who makes his MWF debut at Full Throttle September 29th) defeated Christopher Daniels in a match that actually went through a commercial break.  During TNA's rough spot a few months ago, the matches were so short that almost never happened.  I was pleased. The Guru needs to go.  Is there one wrestling fan on earth that has any interest in that stupidity??  I'd like to see Triple X get a big push as they can get it done in the ring. . .

The Pac Man Jones-Ron Killings interaction was also pretty good.  It was the first time I remember being all that interested in Killings since joining TNA, that promo set the stage for him to move up the ladder.  Jones came off as legit, unlike a lot of celebrities joining pro wrestling.  It will be interesting to see what becomes of Jones, with the Tennessee Titans objections to his physical interaction.

Abyss defeating Christian in a first blood match was also solid.  Wasn't so big on a gimmick match where they just had one the prior Sunday on PPV (that fans actually paid for).  Why should fans cough up $30 to see something similar on free TV a few days later?  I guess that's one of many reasons why wrestling PPV buys continue to go down, down, down.  Angle gets in the ring and lays a beating on Abyss, exactly what wrestling should have - INTENSITY!  Blood used with a purpose is also great.  Jim Cornette orders a handicapped match between Angle and The Steiners next week (having flashbacks to the horrible finish of the Angle-Scott Steiner match from Destination X back in March), and if Angle loses, the Steiners get five minutes with Karen.  Cornette is so good, he can verbally get just about any angle on any planet over with ease.  He was working with bad material here.  I get the babyface commissioner, general manager, whatever he is making life difficult on the heel always breaking the rules and causing trouble.  But, from a storyline standpoint, why would the Steiners want five minutes with Karen Angle?  There's no history there.  If they're going to go that route, wouldn't it be better to save it for a money match with Joe down the road since she actually screwed him over?

And from a reality standpoint, why the hell would they want to promote something like that on the heels of one of the biggest stars in the industry murdered his wife and son??  Is anyone really thirsty for some man on woman violence right now?? 

The bottom line is do fans want to spend money on this comedy version of Kurt Angle?  WWF/E's booking killed him, from turning him face to heel and back over and over and over again, along with all of the "ha ha" nonsense.  Angle never became the draw he was meant to be, in my opinion.  I believe fans would take to a serious, lethal, dangerous Kurt Angle as a heel, or as a real Amercian type babyface, as he is the real deal.

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