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Dan Mirade-Sheldon Goldberg Timeline
Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

Part of the reason why I decided to start up a little web-site of my own is my heated, personal vendetta with Sheldon Goldberg.  Even though Shell has gone out of his way to cause trouble for myself and the MWF, the Millennium Wrestling Federation's web-site isn't the forum to address certain aspects of it.

Since some don't know the history of what led to so much bad blood between the two of us, I decided to create a timeline for Shell's message board pals to read and consider.  His descriptions of certain incidents are far different than what really went down. 

I met Sheldon for the first time in 1995 at a Cauliflower Alley Club reunion in NJ with the Tony Rumble crew.  He seemed like a nice enough guy, and he soon started renting tables at Tony's events to sell a variety of wrestling merchandise.  As time went on, Sheldon grew more and more involved with Tony's group, appearing to have a sincere interest in it's success and growth.

Tony made a horrible mistake by bringing an unsuccessful radio talk show host named Jeff Katz into the picture.  Jeff went out of his way to try to separate Tony from people that had worked with and supported him and his organization for years.  No one was safe from these attacks.  In the summer of 1998, Tony told me that Katz and Pat Doyle (director of television production) were the two most important people to him.  He misread Katz' value and intentions, to say the very least.  In January 1999, I became one of Katz' targets.  A week or so before, I was the ring announcer for two of Tony's Somerville events.  Katz wanted to be the host of Mass Madness, the play by play and color commentator, a manager in the Brotherhood, ring announcer, booker, talent coordinator and promoter.  No lie.  Since he never explained it to me, my guess is that he felt I was invading "his turf" and wanted me out of the picture.  He created a string of lies that had me supposedly attacking him, Sheldon and even Commissioner Von Johnson.  No such thing ever happened.  Tony took Katz' word as God's, and I was out of the picture.  I wrote Tony a letter the following month, explained what really happened, and never received a response.  Soon after that, I made an error in judgement.  I took second hand info on statements as fact from one of Tony's live events and was livid.  I used a fan site I created for Tony as a launching pad of personal attacks against those I felt had lied about and "had it in for me."  That included Tony (who I looked at as a mentor), Pat (who was a good friend for six years at that point), Katz (who was an asshole) and Sheldon (who I didn't really even know).  When my writings made the rounds, Tony was furious at his old friend Habib.  A short time later, he explained the whole story to me, and I felt like an asshole for hammering Pat and Sheldon.  I apologized for it since I regretted it.  Katz, no regret.  I was still hurt that Tony took the word of some loser over someone that had been with him since day one, and that Tony had knowledge of trying to discredit virtually his entire staff.  Later on, I was told Tony got a big kick out of it once things calmed down.  This was my first real education in how "politics" in professional wrestling work.  Why they exist in independent wrestling, I'll never understand. . .

Both Tony and Pat asked me to return to the then NWA New England that May, but I had no interest.  At that point, I decided that I was going to start up my own wrestling promotion.  In September 1999, I spoke to Tony and Pat together in person and thought there was a chance I could go back and deal with that scum Katz being in the picture.  However, in a truly sad day, Tony passed away in November 1999.  Shortly after Tony died (including his wake), there was a power play for control of NWA NE.  A month or so later, Tony's widow slighted both Pat and Sheldon in favor of Katz and a wrestler named Knuckles Nelson.  That was the beginning of the end of NWA NE.  At that point, I believe Sheldon felt the way I did almost a year earlier and we became pretty good friends.  Not best friends, but we'd speak via email a few times a week, traded tapes, hung out at Good Times a couple of times.  When he told me he was opening up his own promotion, I was excited for him and was more than willing to lend a helping hand.  At the same time, he fully knew of my intentions of running my own organization. 

For a year plus, I'd like to think I extended true friendship to the man and his promotion.  When we ran our first MWF event in September 2001, I told him to come and pass out flyers for his October event since I was expecting a decent crowd and our event was only a few miles away.  Not something I had to do, but something I did for someone I thought was a friend.  If more people in the wrestling business looked after each other and tried to help each other, it would be a better place for everyone involved.

Shortly before the MWF's debut, Sheldon's booker and manager Scott Dickinson (of WCW fame) emailed me looking to work our event.  I knew Scott from even before Tony started running, as he was a long time friend of The Jackal's.  I was happy to have him be part of our efforts, as was the now MWF President.  Scott and I went back and forth via email, as he was interested in our plans.  A couple of guys we had booked got injured, so Scott reached out to some guys to work, again, in an effort to help.  The wrestlers in question also worked for NECW.  I didn't see any issue with it whatsoever and appreciated Scott's help.

Well, it soon came out that Sheldon was pissed at me because I tried to "steal" Scott Dickinson and his talent from him.  If Sheldon just took thirty seconds to send me an email, to call me on the phone, to try to communicate with me instead of secretly resenting me, I would have clearly explained to him that Scott reached out to the MWF, not vice versa.  He booked wrestlers (that were not under contract to NECW or any other group that I'm aware of) to try to get some guys experience working on a bigger show.  There was nothing malicious about it on my end, and I highly doubt that Scott Dickinson was trying to rock the boat of the group he was booker of.  Sheldon appeared to take my story at face value and I thought that was the end of it.  In October, he made a ridiculous, one-sided "business proposal" through Von Johnson that I declined as soon as I heard it, as it really wouldn't benefit anyone other than Sheldon.

A short time later, some slanderous posts were put on a message board about Sheldon, and he felt that I was responsible for it for whatever reason.  Funny thing was I was working at my job outside of wrestling at the day and time these posts were made.  Sheldon had a friend in law enforcement trace the posts back to someone that set up chairs for the MWF, and for whatever reason, he wanted to tie me into it.  The two of them got into a nasty internet war, but I'm not responsible for the choices others make.  Then that individual's crusade against Mike Sparta's deliberate false advertising got involved, and Commissioner Von Johnson got stuck in the middle. . .looking back, it was a shame, as open and direct communication could and should have rectified whatever problems there were.  We exchanged some civil enough emails at various times throughout 2002, but as the Billy Graham Benefit drew near, the tension continued to mount. . .

There were several "coincidences" leading up to the Graham event.  Talent told us that Sheldon asked them to cancel their bookings with us (which Sheldon did deny) and someone claiming to represent the MWF called the local paper saying the event was postponed.  The day before our event, the fools at the newspaper put an ad in that weeks edition saying the event was off.  They did about as much homework on this as some of the "news" reporters present day have done on the Benoit tragedy.  Even the venue thought the event was postponed, because they weren't there to open the building.  It made a long, difficult day even harder, especially where the mission was to help raise some money for "Superstar" Billy Graham, who was weeks away from dying at that point.  Leading up to the first SOUL SURVIVOR event in May 2003, the group we were working with was constantly harassed by "someone" trying to get the event canceled.  The morning after the event, Sheldon took a private email sent to Von Johnson and posted it online, adding fuel to the fire.  He continued to run his big mouth after the event, so we created $hellberg - The Message Board Warrior, a parody that aired on our MWF Xtra program.  Around the same time, someone made another message board post in regards to a promoter in MI that killer herself, claiming that Sheldon and Mike Sparta should do the same thing.  He countered by living up to the nickname, posting a slanderous attack against me on message boards, claiming I never graduated high school, I physically attacked the principal and a secretary, I tried to cancel ROH events, and on and on.  None of it was true.  What really bothered me was that after his "friends in law enforcement" traced the IP address from the post in question and he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I had nothing to do with it, he didn't even have the class to apologize, something I did as a teenager a few years before. . .

In 2004, Hotmail shut down his email account closed down for sending me harassing messages in regards to an accident I was in.  He went out of his way to try to "blackball" us from Good Times, as if he owned the place.  Who is he try to ban another group from any venue??  You'd think he'd welcome events in the venue to try to get more people active in attending live events there.  It's not like he was doing big business there for them (or anywhere else for that matter).

From then on, I had no communication or ill will with him at all for a long time.  In January 2005, I learned of his father passing away and sent him a sincere email to say I was sorry to hear it.  Again, there was a long period of no communication until October 2005, when Karl Lauer of the CAC informed me that Sheldon was actively trying to get our SOUL SURVIVOR III event canceled.  I was absolutely livid, and karma came back to bite him in his big ass, as his entire staff walked off on NECW and he lost his real life job in the same day.  That was on a Thursday and the celebration lasted the whole weekend after a successful SSIII (there are many posts about this on the MWF Newsline from the fall of 2005).  Still, the morning of the event, Commissioner Von Johnson was talking to Sheldon on his cell phone as we were en route to the airport, and I heard Sheldon say he was "sending people (to the Lynn Armory) to kick the shit out of him."  What a tough guy.  The 400 pound slob couldn't come to Lynn himself to attempt to kick the shit out of someone that has to walk with a cane.  He was going to send some of his friends from the internet, I guess.  They never showed.  He sent me an email the day after and insinuated I was homosexual.  I thought that jokes like that stopped being cool in like the fifth grade?  In turn, I told him that he wanted to make love to Krispy Kreme donuts.

In early 2006, there was some heat over a column I wrote for the PWInsider web-site in a book review for "Hardcore History."  In it, Sheldon gave the impression that he was Tony Rumble's business partner, which was not true.  I wrote it, he whined.  That was the last I heard from or about him, until this past week, where he started running his big, oversized mouth again.  And after all of his attacks against me, to my knowledge, I've never referenced any personal stories I know about him in a public forum.  He can't say the same, and his were either outright lies or complete embellishments. 

I'm not saying I'm innocent in all of this, but I can honestly say he has thrown the first stone each time we've had our battles.  I've never tried to harm his business.  If the man would just keep the names "Dan Mirade" and "MWF" out of his vocabulary and off his keyboard, we'd never have an issue.  If he runs quality events that aren't an embarrassment to the business, I hope he runs NECW shows forever.  I really mean that.  I don't want to have "heat" with him or anyone else, but after all of the headaches he's needlessly caused over the years, the gloves come off easy for me when it comes to Shell.  When the day comes he stops playing games, I will never have a cross word to say about him.  If you think about it, there hasn't been an issue with us for over a year and a half, since the last time he started up. . .

So there's the side to the story you may not know and Sheldon sure as hell didn't tell you. . .

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