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Dan Mirade's Open Invitation To Sheldon Goldberg
Wednesday, August 15th, 2007 - Reprinted From MWFprowrestling.com

I can't believe I have to write this. . .

Our long time adversary Sheldon Goldberg is at it again, running his big, super-sized mouth.  Since our battles began, I have tried to pretend he doesn't exist unless he gives me a reason to.  With his attempted sabotage over the years, it hasn't been easy.  That time has come again, as I find myself wasting time on a rare Sunday afternoon I'm not working on producing MWF television programs. 

For years, Shell vowed that the MWF would never run a live event at Good Time Emporium in Somerville, MA.  Using his tired phrase, he "interfered in our business practices" with his lies and twists of the truth to building management.  When we came to an agreement to run events at Good Times this spring, I knew something would happen sooner than later.  I don't understand why the man would want to "blackball" another group from a venue that he doesn't own. . .he comes across as very insecure.

This afternoon, Commissioner Von Johnson (who is personal friends with both of us) informed me of a heated discussion he had with the message board warrior Shellberg himself.  Shell was stern in claiming that there were only 120 people at SOUL SURVIVOR IV and that the Iron Sheik was angry he was not paid.  Von Johnson put Shell in his place over his inaccurate information, and went on to inform Sheldon that his NECW crew that came to mark out at our superstars at our after-event celebration didn't leave a tip and angered management at the restaurant.  Shell claimed that didn't happen, either.  It did, as both the waiter and the staff attested to.  In reality, Good Times told us that we had "the largest crowd for a pro wrestling event in years" (and most of those events were his).  Good Times also told us that our advance was more than what they usually draw at the venue.  It's amazing that these statements come from a man that used to lie after each and everyone of his Good Times events, claiming there were 396 fans there.  He was lucky if there was 50 or 60 at most of them, as I was right by the door helping my old pal out.  And a good chunk of those were comps (I think the C in NECW stands for comps).  Goldberg made similar, false claims last year.  After he failed in his attempts to get SOUL SURVIVOR III canceled, trying to ruin an experience for the fans and our athletes, karma hit him in the face as his support staff and wrestlers walked off on him, and then he lost his job in the same day.  After a very successful SSIII event, Shell claimed that there were only 150 people in attendance.  One of his mark "bookers" showed up and spoon fed the wrestling historian info that made him sound like a fool.  Thanks for buying the ticket. . .

I was on the phone with the Iron Sheik this afternoon trying to coordinate his appearance on Monday Night Raw tomorrow and jokingly asked if we somehow forgot to pay him.  We don't decide not to pay people.  That might be something out of Shell's playbook.  For a man that's so concerned about how we treat our talent, again, take a look in the mirror.  Why have so many people walked off on you and your group over the years?  Bookers, wrestlers, staff, none of them want to have anything to do with you after they find out what you're really all about.  That's a lot of turnover.  Why is that?  We're proud to say that we've had a good percentage of our athletes and staff have long tenures in the MWF.

In the end, to me, it comes off as Sheldon is either jealous or obsessed with what we do in the MWF for some reason.  There's no need to be jealous of another groups successes as long as they're respecting the wrestling business and not cheating the fans.  I was happy to hear that his women's events were doing well in the beginning.  Instead of worry about what the MWF is up to, worry about your own product and why they're not drawing as well as they used to.  Maybe you're over saturating the venue with too many shows with the same female talent month after month.  Or focus on your Danvers events, that are drawing 30 people, according to your staff and wrestlers.  I really don't care, just trying to pass along a little friendly advice since you're so concerned about us.

Sheldon, you hereby have an open invitation to attend our September 29th event, back at the building you want us banned from.  If you want to grow a set, we can settle whatever your issues are once and for all.  For six years, you've whined, pouted, sabotaged, blackballed, used, lied and embellished for your own one sided, selfish means.  Even with one good leg, I will slap the taste out of your fat, oversized mouth so you'll keep it shut once and for all.  And before I kick your ass, you'll have a chance to count the number of people in the crowd yourself since you're obsessed with it, to a disturbing level.  It could give you something to think about when you're getting your free cake and milk Sunday mornings at Good Times.  Or maybe, just maybe, you could get a life and not waste so much time immersed at what other people in independent professional wrestling do. . .

As you get older and you get ready to die, you're going to be a very lonely man living a lonely life.  You'll realize the only person you really worked is yourself, you're just a fraud in a free suit Commissioner Von Johnson gave you.  Life's too short for what you do.  If you'd just keep your mouth shut and mind your own business, we'd never have a problem.

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