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ECW:  Has Johnny Nitro Been Castrated?
Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

Some random thoughts on the August 14th edition of ECW. . .

Many fans of the Paul Heyman inspired ECW aren't fans of the WWE creation.  As time goes on, though, it seems like more and more fans of today's product are becoming less and less interested and passionate about the weekly Tuesday night program. 

Each week, it feels like I'm watching the same program, over and over again.  It comes off as if the ECW roster consists of about ten guys.  Other than the championship program with CM Punk and John Morrison, there isn't one feud being pushed or featured.  Some in WWE want to use the brand as the proverbial Triple A (as in baseball terms, not the Mexican promotion), the final stop for guys to learn and get national exposure before going to Raw or Smackdown.  I could swallow it easier, following that philosphy, if the show at least had some excitement to it. 

The former Johnny Nitro is a perfect example of how lifeless ECW has become.  Nitro has had the charisma he had sucked out of him since being renamed "John Morrison."  For the life of me, why screw with something that already worked? 

In my opinion, MNM was the best tag team since the Steve Austin and Brian Pillman version of the Hollywood Blondes in the early 90's.  If WWE actually had a legit core of tag teams for them to work with, they could have become a dynasty.  Real life circumstances led to the break up of the team, but Nitro and Melina still worked as a unit on Raw.  I was even behind the move to ECW, where Nitro could learn to work as a top guy and not be jobber feed for the established faces on Raw each week.  But John Morrison??  He looks like he's dressed up as a rocker singer for Halloween, his theme music sucks, his catch phrases are forced, and promos are so insincere (never mind boring) that they're not believable and ineffective.  More "writing," I guess.  The move to ECW was to help elevate him, and instead, he's become deflated, as fans aren't interested.  To me, this reinventing of Johnny Nitro has been a complete and utter failure. 

Perhaps the only positive about ECW is that it does exist and has provided more guys with full time jobs in the wrestling business.  That's never a bad thing. . .

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