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In the mid 1990's, between wrestling scandals and the two major companies, WWF and WCW, presenting a product that did not suit the taste of many in the male 18-34 demographic, many fans turned away from the Big Two.  As the decade went on, a small promotion that was known for it's home base of a bingo hall in Philadelphia, PA first started to make some noise and eventually helped start a professional wrestling revolution.  That organization was ECW, Extreme Championship Wrestling.  Paul Heyman took Tod Gordon's creation to the extreme, literally, with a group of the hungriest, wildest athletes and brawlers wrestling had ever seen.  Both WWF and WCW capitalized on ECW's innovations at times, but there's nothing like the original!  When ECW went out of business in 2001, wrestling fans from around the world had their hearts broken.  In 2005, now WWE gave them the reunion they'd craved with one of the most exciting and emotional pay-per-views of the year.  The response to that event led to a follow up PPV in 2006 and the rebirth of ECW on national television, airing on the Sci-Fi Network in June.

In these pages, you'll find results from each and every ECW event ever held.  We'll bring you this history year by year for your reading enjoyment.
In addition to results, you'll find side notes on happenings at some of the  events, along with the latest ECW news at the time the shows took place. BOSTONWRESTLING.COM's historian The Jackal and Dan Mirade have (and continue to) spent many hours on this project so fans decades from now can read about an experience and a period of time you had to live to be able to truly understand the passion that was ECW.

We welcome your comments on the site.  Feel free to send along your memories of specific events, some might be added to the results themselves.  Also, sign up for our free e-mail newsletter to receive the  latest updates.