Sunday, June 5th, 2011 * 4:16PM

The Millennium Wrestling Federation has officially entered the world of eBay!  Check out this page for links and updates on great merchandise at tremendous values, several of which will be charity auction.  We've already used eBay to help Mick Foley's efforts for RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) and the Cauliflower Alley Club. 

This page will be updated almost daily.

Auctions ending Monday, June 13th:

WWE Champions "Superstar" Billy Graham, The Iron Sheik & Batista Photo -  8x10 color photo taken backstage at the 2005 WWE Hall of Fame Induction the night before WrestleMania 21 in LA!

Shelton Benjamin Championship Photo - beautiful color 8x10 photo of Shelton minutes after he won the MWF Heavyweight Championship at SOUL SURVIVOR VII March 19th!

Auctions ending Tuesday, June 14th:

Jay Lethal Autographed TNA Promo Photo #74 - officially autographed TNA promo photo by Jay Lethal with a photo of him signing it May 21st in Providence, RI! 

Andre The Giant / "Superstar" Billy Graham Photo - classic 5x7 b&w photo from Billy Graham's collection of the two Hall of Famers arm wrestling.  Great photo suitable for framing!

Iron Sheik / Terri Runnels Photo - color 5x7 photo of WWE Hall of Famer The Iron Sheik and old time WWE diva Terri Runnels, who the Sheik says stole his medicine!  Photo from the Sheik's collection after MWF ROAD TO THE GOLD 2009

Iron Sheik / Nikolai Volkoff / Freddie Blassie / Howard Finkel photo - classic black & white 5x7 photo of four Hall of Famers!  Live from Madison Square Garden, the Fink introduces The Iron Sheik, Nikolai Volkoff and their manager "Classy" Freddie Blassie prior to a WWF Tag Team Title Match!

Jay Lethal TNA entrance photo - beautiful, color 5x7 photo of 6-time TNA X-Division Champion Jay Lethal making his way towards the ring in Orlando, FL;  great pic!

Autographed Jim Ross BBQ Sauce - rare collectible signed by Jim Ross himself with the WWE HOF inscription!

Auctions ending Thursday, June 16th:

January 2011 MWF TV DVD:  three half hour episodes, including a tribute to Awesome Kong with her final match before going to WWE as Kharma!

February 2011 MWF TV DVD:  three half hour episodes, including steel cage wars with "The Monster" Abyss, Homicide, Paul Bearer's animals and more!

March 2011 MWF TV DVD:  the countdown to SOUL SURVIVOR VII!  Brian Fury vs ROH Champ Eddie Edwards (current MWF TV Champion -vs- longest reigning), the in-ring return of "Demon" Luis Ortiz, interviews with Carlito and Paul Bearer & more!

Coming soon!

Boogeyman Studio Shoot Interview DVD / Autographed photo - Boogeyman speaks out of character for the first time in this two and a half hour sit down shoot interview that comes with an autographed photo signed by the worm eater himself!

Iron Sheik Studio Shoot Interview DVD #1 / Autographed photo - this is it, the legend, the most famous shoot interview in the history of professional wrestling.  It's been seen by millions online and on home video, it's been heard worldwide on the Howard Stern Show.  Iron Sheik Studio Shoot Interview #1, the classic!  Not only do you get this wild, intense interview with an out of control, drug induced Sheik, but you also get an autographed, championship Madison Square Garden photo!

WrestleMania I Studio Shoot Interview DVD - three WWE Hall of Famers that were huge parts of the legendary event (The Iron Sheik, "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff & "Cowboy" Bob Orton) join us for a roundtable discussion about the "good old days" of wrestling during the WWF's expansion in the mid-1980's, the beginning of Hulkamania, behind the scenes stories, all three mens careers before/after it, and. . .WrestleMania I.  We break it down to the time leading up to the event, how much Vince McMahon had on the line, the event itself - every match, every superstar.  It is a must own history piece!!

"Duke of Dorchester" Classic WWWF / WWF Boston Wrestling Studio Shoot Interview DVD - long title, but if you're a fan of classic WWWF / WWF, if you're a fan of wrestling from the Boston Garden and the company when it was in the northeast territory, hell, if you're a fan of one of the greatest jobbers in the history of the company and wound up having a main event run as "The Golden Terror" against Bob Backlund, than this DVD is for you!  Tons of fun stories about all of the stars of the era, plus an autographed photo of the Duke himself!

Iron Sheik Studio Shoot Interview DVD #2 / Autographed Photo - if there was ever a sequal that rivaled the original, it's this one. . .the war with the Ultimate Warrior's and comments that will make your jaw drop. . . grinding coke on the road with Roddy Piper. . .thoughts on the Hogan family falling apart. . .the Benoit murders / suicide taking place minutes from his own home. . .his own family issues. . .more classic Sheiky Baby!

"Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff Studio Shoot Interview DVD - Orndorff loved his WrestleMania group DVD so much he wanted to do his own just two months later!  A private, intense man, Orndorff comes to MWF Studios to break down his great career in and out of the ring.  Hulk Hogan's greatest drawing arena opponent of all time.  His football career, working for "Cowboy" Bill Watts and other territories, jumping to WWF in 1984, what he didn't like about Roddy Piper, all the superstars of the 1980's, what led to him leaving the company, what he did away from wrestling, going to WCW, his training a young Goldberg and so much more!

Iron Sheik Studio Shoot Interview DVD #3 / Autographed Photo - For the first time ever, the Iron Sheik opens up about his steroid use and how Hulk Hogan used to shoot him up!  The Sheik goes off about Brian Blair claiming he had sex with an underage boy trying to become part of the ring crew in Australia and hiding crack in a bag of popcorn on a plane, as well as Blair being arrested for physically attacking his two sons on Father's Day.  The Sheik goes in-depth into his hatred of Scott Hall, Lanny Poffo being able to give himself oral sex, did he plant drugs in the Berzerker's bag in Canada, his love of Bruno Sammartino and so much more during two hours of pure Sheik insanity.  If that wasn't enough, as a bonus, you'll receive the Iron Sheik's Q&A session with John Cena Sr. and "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal the nigtt before this interview was conducted!

Doink The Clown Matt Borne Studio Shoot Interview DVD / Autographed Photo - Son of the veteran "Tough" Tony Borne.  Superstar known the world over, where he competed at the first WrestleMania against Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, won tag team gold with Buzz Sawyer (managed by Percy Pringle III aka Paul Bearer) at World Class Championship Wrestling in Texas, had a run as Big Josh in WCW, before coming to WWF(E) in late 1992 to debut the evil Doink The Clown, a gimmick meant for the recycling bin that the one and only Matt Borne turned into professional wrestling art.  While his WWF run came to an end in late 1993 and Borne seemed to fall off the face of the planet, he is back, better than ever, ready to open up a new chapter of his life.

Iron Sheik Studio Shoot Interview DVD #4 / Autographed Photo - Less than 24 hours after the Iron Sheik had his retirement match at SOUL SURVIVOR IV last April, WWE Hall of Famer The Iron Sheik returned to MWF Studios to conduct his fourth, special Studio Shoot Interview IV DVD, one where his great fans got to sit with the Sheik and ask questions along with hosts Dan Mirade and John Cena Sr.  The Sheik lets loose about his infamous AirTran flight where he had a showdown with a gay flight attendant and his showdown with the police at the airport in Atlanta.  The Sheik talks about recent returns to MSG for WWE live events and his history there.  Fans get the chance of a lifetime to be able to shoot with the Sheik.  In addition to the in-studio tribute, things get wild with never before seen footage of the Sheik in Las Vegas as you've NEVER seen him before wild, exclusive footage of a drunk, "medicated" Sheiky Baby like you've never seen before from his hotel room in Las Vegas, smoking cigarettes. . .talking about the rum & coke he had on the plane. . .being f'd up on medicine. . .his WWE book being canceled because of too many medicine stories. . .WWE offering to send him to rehab. . .Shane McMahon & Sid Vicious  trying to shoot with the Sheik. . .Sheik playing racketball with Vince McMahon. . .his reunion with Billy Graham. . .showing off his discolored, injured feet. . .talking to Jamie Dundee on the telephone. . .Sheik tries to buy cocaine and heroin.  Sheik goes on a wild, screaming tirade, standing, screaming at the top of his lungs  about his competition from the AAU. . .violently hitting someone  with an icepick while working for the Shah. . .the Sheik ADMITS to having to make another man humble!!!  Plus, the Sheik talks about how he'll eat pork but not pig yet he loves bacon and eggs. . .how the Sheik wants a whore and medicine, leading to the Sheik going into a wild tirade about Michael Jackson molesting young boys. . .how he could stretch Billy Graham and Harley Race. . .memories of Harley Race. . .how he'd be looking for crack and coke in Atlanta if he wasn't in Vegas.

Harley Race Studio Shoot Interview DVD / Autographed Photo - BOSTONWRESTLING.COM and the Millennium Wrestling Federation team to bring you the  new series of "The Madness Behind The Mania" Studio Shoot Interview DVD's, this time with special guest 8 time World Champion and Hall of Famer "King" Harley Race!  If you weren't one of the MWF superfans on-hand August 9th, 2009 at MWF Studios (and if so, why weren't you?!?), sit back for two hours and hear Harley tell his story, his way.  Joined by hosts Dan Mirade and John Cena Sr.