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MWF SOUL SURVIVOR VIII:  Final Destination
Live Professional Wrestling - Autograph / Photo Fanfest - Raffles - Auctions & more!
featuring Low Ki, Finlay, Carlito, Paul Bearer, Bushwhacker Luke, John Cena Sr. & more!
Saturday, March 24th, 2012
Memorial Hall - 590 Main St. - Melrose, MA     (large gray building next to fire station)
5PM - Admission for fans taking part in Meet & Greet only
--- please do not enter the venue until 5:30PM unless you're taking part in the Meet & Greet
5:30PM - Autographs / Photos Meet & Greet  ---  General Admission entry
6:30PM - Live Wrestling   (bonus matches during fanfest)
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Please email any questions before ordering - mwf@bostonwrestling.com
NO VIDEO CAMERAS!      Handicapped accessible!
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Get ready for the Millennium Wrestling Federation's biggest live event & fanfest of 2012!

With ex-President now MWF consultant John Cena Sr. persuading the MWF Board of Directors to re-locate the MWF to North Carolina in April, company co-founder Dan Mirade has put in charge of putting together an all-star line-up and reunion for our Boston finale SOUL SURVIVOR VIII:  Final Destination Saturday, March 24th at Memorial Hall in Melrose, MA - continue to check out the BOSTONWRESTLING.COM Supersite for the latest developments!

HISTORY:  At the first SOUL SURVIVOR, Tiger Mulligan won the 16 man Soul Survivor competition on a knee that required extensive reconstructive surgery to become the first MWF Heavyweight Champion.  Also competing in competition singles matches were "Sudden Impact" Dylan Kage, "Slyck" Wagner Brown and "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards.  WWE Hall of Famer Bobby "The Brain" Heenan presented Mulligan with the championship.  Todd Hanson, the hometown hero in Lynn, pinned former WWE IC Champion D-Lo Brown.  TNA Knockout Velvet Sky (the former Talia) defeated April Hunter with Commissioner Von Johnson as guest referee.

SOUL SURVIVOR II rocked Billerica, MA.  The legendary Iron Sheik and multi-time WWE IC and Tag Team Champion Goldust took part in an interactive Question & Answer session and autograph/photo fanfest.  Then undefeated former champion Tiger Mulligan challenged the new MWF Heavyweight Champion "Sudden Impact" Dylan Kage in a Ladder Match for the title.  Mulligan was stripped of the championship by Commissioner Von Johnson after he was unable to defend the gold due to knee surgery.  Mulligan had the match won until Kage's Trifecta running buddies distracted the referee.  Jimmy Jact Ca$h powerbombed Mulligan off of the ladder to the mat, taking the championship belt he captured moments before and placed it in the arms of Kage.  When the referee turned around, all he saw was the title on Kage's fallen body and he was declared the winner.  When the Trifecta turned it into a three-on-one attack on Mulligan, Goldust saved the day.  Also, in a six man tag team war, Todd Hanson, WWE HOF'er "Cowboy" Bob Orton and Beau Douglas crushed Ox Baker's Army of "The Ugandan Giant" Kamala, Gino Marktino and Ox Baker's Executioner.  Bull Montana was the winner of the second annual "Boston Bad Boy" Tony Rumble Memorial Battle Royal.  Our WrestleFest fanfest featured the likes of WWE legend Mick Foley, Road Warrior Animal of the Legion of Doom, Goldust, the Iron Sheik, WWE Hall of Famer's Ivan Putski & Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, "The Genuis" Lanny Poffo, "Duke of Dorchester" Pete Doherty and more!

The MWF returned to Lynn for SOUL SURVIVOR III, one of the most exciting events in company history, combining pro wrestling and an interactive fan reunion in one.  A huge Q&A and fanfest took place with the superstars before the action began, including an appearance by Test and the late, legendary Missing Link.  In the main event, Dylan Kage retained the MWF Heavyweight Championship by defeating "Latin Fury" Luis Ortiz.  After months of coming oh-so-close, the untrustworthy Dr. Von Johnson said he would sit at ringside.  The returning Paul Bearer said that he would also be at ringside to make sure Von Johnson didn't have ulterior motives.  In the end, it was Bearer who was up to no good, as he slid Kage the championship belt to KO Ortiz.  In one of the great matches in  MWF history, "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards defeated "Hurricane" John Walters and New Japan Pro Wrestling star Fergal Devitt in a triple threat match for the MWF Television Championship.  Todd Hanson returned home with back-up in the form of his tag team championship partner Beau Douglas, former ECW Heavyweight Champion The Sandman and Paulie Gilmore to crush the former members of Ox Baker's Army.  This eight man street fight marked the debut of Johnny Fabulous (John Cena Sr). To get Hanson and Douglas interested in his managerial services, Fabulous charged the ring and attempted to toss Hanson a foreign object.  Ox Baker won the third annual Tony Rumble Memorial Battle Royal in Ox's first match in many years.

SOUL SURVIVOR IV emanated from Somerville, MA - a location outside forces tried to prevent the MWF from appearing at for years. . .and what an event it was!  The build up to this event was tremendous, with pub in The Boston Globe, KISS 108FM, even the Howard Stern Show hyping the big event!  Todd Hanson pinned Dylan Kage to become the third MWF Heavyweight Champion, ending Kage's historic, near four year reign as champion.  The Iron Sheik (making his return to the MWF for the first time in two years) was among a stampede of superstars hitting the ring to hoist the new champion on their shoulders as the Hanson Era kicked into high gear!  Somerville's own Beau Douglas had an unlikely partner in DX original Road Dogg - an MWF original, as well, that had a huge falling out with the company after disgracing the SUPERSTAR BILLY GRAHAM BENEFIT in 2002.  With the help of President Jackal and TNA, the MWF put together a deal for Road Dogg's return, and he and Douglas captured the MWF Tag Team Titles from The Canadian Superstars (J-Busta and Dave Cole).  WIth manager Johnny Fabulous suspended for orchestrating the attack on the physically disabled Dan Mirade two months earlier, the Canadians could not fend off Douglas and Road Dogg.  "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards retained the MWF Television Championship in a hard fought victory over three time WWE Tag Team Champion Joey Mercury.  "Slyck" Wagner Brown came away with an impressive win over TNA superstar Alex Shelley.  Rick Fuller won the fourth annual Tony Rumble Battle Royal and began a war with Ox Baker's Army.  Antonio Thomas got his revenge against The Trifecta for spoiling his earlier debut with a victory over Jimmy Jact Ca$h, and Tiger Mulligan continued his winning ways with a win over Jason 'Rumble.'

In 2008, SOUL SURVIVOR V came from Melrose, MA;  after seven plus years, the Millennium Wrestling Federation held it's homecoming!  Injured MWF Heavyweight Champion Todd Hanson took on the unknown MWF 'Stalker' (revealed to be "Sudden Impact" Dylan Kage under the guidance of Paul Bearer) inside a 15 foot high steel cage.  While Hanson came out the winner, he may have lost the war with a body unable to compete anywhere near 100%.  In what fans voted the 2008 Match of the Year, "Straight Edge" Brian Fury defeated champion "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal, "Hurricane" John Walters and "Slyck" Wagner Brown in a 4-Way 30 Minute Iron Man Match, with Fury getting the only pinfall of the half hour.  It appeared Slyck had Lethal pinned at one point, but Chris Sabin hit the ring to break it up, avenging their battle from the previous summer.  In a wild MWF Tag Team Title Match, Beau Douglas & Road Dogg (with Bull Montana) beat J-Busta & Jimmy Jact Ca$h (with "Cowboy" Bob Orton) with President John Cena Sr. as guest referee.  Douglas and Jackson Blue were stripped of the tag team titles earlier in the week when MWF officials announced that Blue was injured at the hands of the Stalker.  With Bob Orton taking ill, Mr. Cena put Road Dogg back together with former partner Douglas and Ca$h with Busta, with the former champs winning the gold for the second time.  The Iron Sheik and the late Franklin D. Churchill were the first two inductees into the Boston Wrestling / MWF Hall of Fame.  The Sheik was inducted by friend Dan Mirade, while Dr. Von Johnson presented Jay Lethal with Churchill's honor.  Chris Sabin was the victor over the debuting Bobby Fish of Pro Wrestling NOAH fame.  Executioner Brian Milonas & Max Bauer of Ox Baker's Army (with Vito Carluccio) defeated Rick Fuller & Islander Makua when Fuller walked out on Makua and his manager Bull Montana in a surprising turn of events.  Scott Reed pinned Jason 'Rumble' of The Uprising, while Chase DelMonte won the 5th Annual "Boston Bad Boy" Tony Rumble Memorial Battle Royal.

SOUL SURVIVOR VI may have been the biggest of them all.  The fanfest and VIP Q&A session prior to the event took place before what seemed like a never ending human sea of fans.  In his retirement match, The Iron Sheik and partner TNA superstar "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal defeated "Stalker" Dylan Kage (with Paul Bearer) in a No DQ/No CO match when the Sheik forced Kage to submit to the Camel Clutch on the floor.  The locker room poured into the ring to celebrate the career of the Sheik.  In the second half of the double main event, "Slyck" Wagner Brown of JBL's Uprising retained the MWF Heavyweight Championship with a victory over Chris Sabin of the Motor City Machine Guns.  In another outstanding bout, MWF Television Champion "Straight Edge" Brian Fury narrowly held onto the gold defeating Scott Reed & "Million Dollar Investment" Tommaso Ciampa in a triple threat match.  In a match surrounded by controversy, JBL's Uprising (mystery partner Antonio Thomas & J-Busta) won the MWF Tag Team Titles from champion Beau Douglas and John Cena Sr.  Road Dogg, the other half of the MWF Tag Team Champions, was scheduled to be at the event, but after a week of behind the scenes drama, he decided not to appear, once again  breaking his agreement with the MWF and not live up to his word.  President Cena, being a man, looked around the locker room and saw a crew of athletes that already had matches signed for the night, so he put himself into the match so Beau didn't have to compete two-on-one or forfeit the titles.  The Boogeyman made his MWF debut defeating "Executioner" Brian Milonas in a wild encounter.  Former MWF Heavyweight Champion Todd Hanson continued his path back to the championship with a victory over Rick Fuller.  Julian Starr was victorious in the first In It To Win It Gauntlet challenge match (over the impressive Tony Delfonzo, Benny Jux, "Candyman" Jerry Seavey, "The Shaft" Bobby Ocean & "East Coast Cowboy" DJ Dubay), which earned him the title match of his choice.  In Fabulous Women of Wrestling Action, the lovely Alexus defeated Amber.  The MWF continued it's Keep The Kids Off The Streets Campaign, involving the Special Olympics and local chapter of the Big Brothers program, raising money to help with the funeral expenses of the late Georgiann Makropoulos.  The event kicked off with America The Beautiful by Jivin' Jenna Coofer.

SOUL SURVIVOR VII was a night of grudges being settled and new ones beginning.  After a tense showdown during his debut and a historic contract signing event at the Boston Garden, "Mr. Money In The Bank" Shelton Benjamin defeated "Slyck" Wagner Brown of JBL's Uprising to become the new Millennium Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Champion!!  The second half of the double main event featured a grudge match four years in the making as "Stalker" Dylan Kage (with Paul Bearer) came away with a victory over "Demon" Luis Ortiz, who the "Stalker" put out of action for years with a devastating 2007 attack - while Kage came away with a win in the battle, it wasn't the end of the war.  Todd Hanson extended his SOUL SURVIVOR record to 7-0 with a pinfall victory over the evil, original Doink The Clown Matt Borne in the culmination of a nine month vendetta, with Bearer taking Borne back to the darkside after the match.  X-Pac came away the win over "Superstar of Sin" Scott Reed, who President Cena ordered replace an extremely ill Carlito last minute after he got involved in the Rumble earlier in the night.  Kaval / Low Ki finally made his MWF debut pinning Jay Freddie.  With J-Busta fired just days before to the big event, the MWF Tag Team Titles were held up, changing the top contenders gauntlet match into the In It To Win It Tag Team Title Royal Rumble.  The action was hot and heavy until big men Rick Fuller & "Executioner" Brian Milonas cleaned house, leading to Paul Bearer's Trifecta of Terror capturing the gold.  "Straight Edge" Brian Fury walked away with another SOUL SURVIVOR win, defeating the debuting Sonny Yee 2000 of JBL's Uprising after Tommaso Ciampa was suspended from the event.

What will happen at SOUL SURVIVOR VIII??  Be there LIVE and find out!!

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