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MWF SOUL SURVIVOR VIII:  Final Destination
2011 & 2012 Special Olympics Partners
Live Professional Wrestling - Autograph / Photo Fanfest - Raffles - Auctions & more!
featuring Low Ki / Kaval, Finlay, Carlito, Paul Bearer, Al Snow, Bushwhacker Luke, Zema Ion, John Cena Sr. & more!
Saturday, March 24th, 2012
Memorial Hall - 590 Main St. - Melrose, MA     (large gray building next to fire station)
5PM - Doors open for VIP's and fans taking part in Meet & Greet only
--- please do not enter the venue until 5:30PM unless you're taking part in the Meet & Greet
5:30PM - Autographs / Photos Meet & Greet  ---  Doors open for General Admission
6:30PM - SOUL SURVIVOR VIII bell time
Be Part Of The Keep The Kids Off The Streets Campaign!
Please email any questions before ordering - mwf@bostonwrestling.com
NO VIDEO CAMERAS!      Handicapped accessible!
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Be Part Of The Most Exciting Night In Millennium Wrestling Federation History!!

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VIP Front Row Packages
(Was only $40 thru January 6th) - Only $45 for a limited time!!

VIP Packages include:
--  Guaranteed Front Row ticket to SOUL SURVIVOR VIII *
--  Early admission to the VIP Autograph / Photo Fanfest
--  One autograph from each featured superstar **
--  One posed photo with each featured superstar ***
--  Free admission to FULL THROTTLE afternoon event!  (only with online purchase by 3/20!)
--  Exclusive, free VIP raffles
--  $5 MWF Merchandise Table coupon
--  Many more VIP bonus items TBA
--  Available online ONLY thru March 20th - not sold at the door or available after cut-off date!!

Floor Ticket
Only $20 for a limited time - act quick!!

--  Guaranteed floor seat to SOUL SURVIVOR VIII *
--  Early admission for Autograph / Photo Fanfest (separate charge for autographs & photos)
--  Free admission to FULL THROTTLE afternoon event!  (only with online purchase by 3/20!)
--  $5 MWF Merchandise Table coupon (offer expired 1/31)
--  More bonus items TBA

General Admission Lodge Seat -
Only $15 for a limited time - act quick!!

--  General Admission seat in the lodge
--  Early admission for Autograph / Photo Fanfest (seperate charge for autographs & photos)
--  Free admission to FULL THROTTLE afternoon event!  (only with online purchase by 3/20!)
--  $5 MWF Merchandise Table coupon (offer expired 1/31)
--  More pre-sale bonus items TBA

* limited availability - after Front Row sells out, you get a guaranteed 2nd row seat, etc.
** does not include item to be signed - your own item or 8x10 photos we'll have for sale
*** posed photos with your own camera

Limited Vendor Tables are on-sale for $50 each - for complete info / ordering, email us

Ticket information:  card subject to change.  No video cameras allowed.  Anyone filming this event with any device will be ejected without refund and have the footage confiscated.  Fans will engage in conduct that is in line with the Millennium Wrestling Federation's fun, family atmosphere, including but not limited to making physical contact with any wrestler during the event, interfering with other fans enjoyment of the event, using foul and/or extreme offensive language, failure to produce a ticket and/or wristband, or sitting in a seat that they have not purchased.  Violators are subject to ejection without refund and possible arrest.  Online orders subject to a $3.50 handling charge to all orders to cover venue, mailing and online fees.  No refunds.  Fans voluntarily assume all risk and danger of property loss and personal injury incidental to professional wrestling and fanfests, and releases and discharges the Millennium Wrestling Federation and host venue and/or city from any claims, liabilities, costs, damages, expenses, damages or losses arrising from or in connection to their attendance of this event.

Featured VIP Superstars
MWF Champion / WWE NXT Winner  LOW KI / KAVAL
Exclusive Interview With The Champion Online Now!!

The Debut of  FINLAY

Multi-time WWE IC, US & Tag Team Champion  CARLITO

Legendary Manager of Undertaker & Kane PAUL BEARER

Multi-Time WWE Tag Team & Hardcore Champion AL SNOW

Exclusive Interview With The Legend From Down Under Online!!

TNA X-Division Superstar ZEMA ION
Exclusive Interview With The Future Of The X-Division Online Now!!

As Seen On WWE Raw, Ex-President  JOHN CENA SR.

NOTE:  for fans outside of MA, mail order is available.  Prices are listed below plus $7 s/h.  For complete info and more information, email us.

--  The autograph / posed photo prices are as follows (8x10 photo NOT included):

Finlay - $15 each

Carlito - $10 each

Paul Bearer - $10 each

Al Snow - $10 each

Low Ki / Kaval - $10 each

Bushwhacker Luke - $10 each

Zema Ion - $10 each

John Cena Sr. - $5 each

-- You must have a ticket to SOUL SURVIVOR to take part in the autograph / photo session.

-- 8x10 photos are NOT included in the autograph price, whether you have a VIP Package or regular event ticket;  they are for your own personal item.  We will have 8x10 photos for sale.  Unlike most convention/fanfests around the country, we have color 8x10 photos of the superstars priced at only $1 each.  Official WWE / TNA promo photos are $5 each due to the cost of obtaining them.

-- Any fan that does not have a VIP Package needs to purchase an individual autograph and/or posed photo ticket(s) the night of the event in cash for each superstar(s) they wish to meet in person.  If you have a regular floor seat or lodge seat, you need an individual autograph/posed photo ticket as they are not included in your purchase.  You can purchase them at the fanfest table upon entering the venue

-- All autograph and posed photos will be on-sale in cash at the fanfest table and you must purchase them upon entering the area to avoid confusion when the fanfest begins.

-- Anyone that does not have an autograph and/or posed photo ticket upon entering the meet & greet area will be directed to the fanfest table to purchase them.  You will not be able to obtain autographs and/or posed photos with the stars without tickets.

--  Limited Vendor Tables are on-sale for $50 each - for complete info / ordering, email us

* * * * * * * * *

Raffle Tickets $5 each or 3 for $10 - Winners Drawn at Intermission!!

-  Autographed Undertaker WrestleMania 27 plaque w/ a piece of the ring rope
-  Double-matted John Cena autographed WWE photo

- All Fans Purchasing VIP Packages Names Entered, No Raffle Tickets Needed
- One Entry Per VIP Package Purchased
- Winners Drawn at Intermission!!

50/50 RAFFLE - WIN $$$!!
Raffle Tickets $1 each or 6 for $5 - Winner Gets 50% Of Tickets Sold!!

100% Of Money Raised From Each Item Goes To The Charity Listed With It!!

* * * * * * * * * *


NOTE:  last chance to purchase tickets of any kind online is Tuesday, March 20th - after that, they will only be on-sale at the Memorial Hall the afternoon of the event.

NOTE:  last chance to purchase VIP Packages is Tuesday, March 20th. - they are NOT available at the door!!  Take advantage of this tremendous value in advance.  All event tickets, autograph tickets and posed photo tickets can be purchased seperately at Memorial Hall the night of the event.  We always have fans trying to buy VIP Packages after the deadline - but to be clear no VIP Packages will be sold at the door, they must be purchased in advance online by Tuesday, March 20th!  The packages are time consuming to create on a fan by fan basis and our goal is to get everyone in the building as quick as possible.

NOTE:  no tickets will be mailed!  Your credit card receipt and/or email from the MWF will serve as your confirmation.  We will have a master list at the front door, but to be safe, please print a copy and bring it along.  We've only had one order go MIA in ten years but better safe than sorry.

NOTE:  if you purchase a VIP Package, any autographs other than the one free autograph per superstar that comes with the package will require an extra autograph ticket you can get at the fanfest table.  If you have more than one item to be signed, you MUST purchase an extra autograph ticket for each extra item.

NOTE:  If you have purchased a VIP package, please make sure you have all materials in the package BEFORE entering the venue – once you enter, it is assumed you have everything you need.

NOTE:  you must have an event admission ticket to attend the autograph / photo session.

NOTE:  ticket prices are the same for all ages.

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